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March 04 2019

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March 03 2019

happy weekend!
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February 27 2019

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The score of “Deep Note” THX's audio trademark.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWkJ86JqlPA

February 25 2019

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February 18 2019

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February 17 2019

Zdjęcie Michała Ostrowskiego, inspirowane "kielecką szkołą krajobrazu" http://www.polskiekrajobrazy.pl/Artykuly/14:Mapy_i_przewodniki/170:Krajobraz_po_kielecku.html
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February 14 2019

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please, can you always remember me ?
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February 13 2019

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Autumn was nice.
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February 04 2019

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